If you are looking for a wireless product, it is very useful to read the Cisco Aironet comparison so that you can find the best product for your particular needs. Today, the use of wireless device as a means of communication equipment without relaying to another device keeps increasing. There are many products that can support the wireless device. Cisco offers a variety of wireless products for various uses such as for outdoor or industrial purposes. Below are some Cisco Aironet series to compare.

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Cisco Aironet Comparison for Outdoor

Cisco offers three Aironet series for outdoor used. The details of each of outdoor access point are as follows.

Cisco Aironet 1570 Series

The series is currently the highest-performing outdoor access point in the industry. It is also the only one that works for 802.11ac Wi-Fi with 4x4 MIMO true beam-forming smart antenna type with 3 longitudinal streams. The series is able to deliver higher output on a bigger place with more persistent coverage. Therefore, if you are looking for outdoor access points for either carrier-operator or enterprise Wi-Fi deployment, the 1570 series is a great choice. Here are the key features and benefits of the product.

·      CleanAir Technology

This technology lets you identify, sort, and alleviate Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from malicious devices or unauthorized wireless bridges.

·      Flexible Deployment Options

These access points have a modular architecture design useful for deployment that can be aligned to your changing needs versatility. Among the available options are cable backhaul, Ethernet, fiber, mesh network, and wireless.

·      Optimal RF Power

The 1570 series offers the optimum Radio Frequency (RF) radiated power that supports both 5 and 2.4 GHz radios. This enables clients to use less number of access points to get the best possible network coverage and greatest throughput rates. By doing so, they can also reduce total cost of ownership.

Cisco Aironet 1560 Series

This series is ideal for anyone who want to strengthen outdoor wireless network. Complying with 802.11ac Wave 2 standards, these access points significantly offers technological flexibility and improves the robustness and quality of the Wi-Fi you are using inside or outside your office. Here what the 1560 Series can do for you.

·      Extends your Wave 2 network

With the Aironet 1560 Series, you can stay connected everywhere and every time while keep improving the performance of many client devices. The business will keep running even when you are leaving the office.

·      Improves efficiency with HDX

Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) provides the best quality of network efficiency to the 1560 Series even when there is a large number of wireless clients. The HDX is designed for the top-of-the-line RF architectures and intended for high-density networks.

·      Provide flexible deployment modes

Cisco Aironet 1560 Series features Cisco Mobility Express and other virtual controller-based solutions. This access point, therefore, perfect for any small to medium-sized network which requires controller-based deployments for large networks.

·      Perform better

Because the 1560 Series scales double, it is able to improve the performance of high-density environments.

Aironet 1540 Series

Packed in compact casing, the rugged and sleek Cisco Aironet 1540 series allows for extraordinarily fast links with the best flexibility. The access points comes with the newest 802.11ac Wave 2 functionality along with stress-free installation. In addition to the compact size that easily mounts to light poles or walls, the other great features include flexible deployment modes, Multiuser MIMO, and 802.11ac Wave 2 radio.

Cisco Aironet 802.11ac Wave 2 Aironet

There are five wireless product under this category. The description of each of them is presented further below.

Cisco Aironet 4800 Access Points

The 4800 access point is considered as the most intelligent one. Not only does it offer high performance, it also provides detailed analytics and top-notch security. In other words, this access point provides you with better data analysis and stronger security while maintaining the network performance. It is also completed with four built-in internal radios to concurrently help cover the network securely, offer real-time analytics, and provide high-quality Wi-Fi.

Cisco Aironet 3800 Series Access Points

Are you handling a lot of devices? Then, the 3800 series is the best access point to prep the network. Using this access point, you do not need to worry about a tomorrow’s business meeting. No matter how many wireless devices and apps you are using, with the Aironet 3800 series, you can keep up with bandwidth demands.

Cisco Aironet 2800 Series Access Points

Packed with flexible technology, the best-in-class access points provide your wireless network with the ability to achieve your ever-changing business objectives. The Aironet 2800 series opens the way for revolutions that help you meet current needs and future goals.

Cisco Aironet 1800 Access Points

The Aironet 1800 series is designed for small networks with enterprise-class features especially for Apple users. If you are looking for high performance access point without breaking your budget, this is the ideal option.

Cisco Aironet Active Sensor

This compact wireless devices allows you to test network to ensure that the network is ready. The Aironet Active Sensor is different from other sensors that need to be deployed in conjunction with ceiling-attached access points. It is easier to use as it can be plugged into any electrical outlet. This also provides the sensor with little distortion at the ground level where most of the mobile devices are located. This Active Sensor is perfect for validating wireless client performance for an important event.

How to Choose the Best Cisco Aironet Product?

Because there are many products to choose from, it might be difficult to decide the one to buy. There are several things needed to consider such as the key features, radio specification, software, security, power, and environment. To choose the right features, for example, you need to consider the target deployment whether it is for a small, midsize, or large enterprise. A large enterprise of course requires more advanced features. This also influences the radio specification you need that include number of radios, antenna type, channel width, modularity support, and so on. To help you get the right Aironet product that suits your needs, take a look at Cisco Aironet comparison.

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