DNA Center Assurance is highly needed because the number of network connected devices is increasing due to the massive use of the Internet of Things (IoT). These increasingly growing, complicated networks have to be managed efficiently. Unfortunately, there is an issue related to an IT budget that has not grown to match. Cisco DNA assurance is here to address the problem. It helps manage your network without sacrificing your time to focus on strategic IT projects to achieve business goals. In other words, this DNA assurance changes network devices into sensors, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage of all of the data. It creates simple and seamless dashboard that shows the whole statues and flags issues. For details, read more below.

Cisco DNA Center Assurance

What is the Cisco DNA Center Assurance?

Cisco DNA center is a comprehensive network management platform that helps manage the administration and implementation of the entire network of an organization. Previously, network administrators used different Cisco solutions to manage networks. Now that DNA center has arrived, network administrators can understand what is happening in the network any time. For any IT professional dealing with ongoing management of a network, the assurance component is definitely a valuable asset. 

Key Features

The assurance component of Cisco DNA Center is intended for both proactive network administration and reactive network troubleshooting. This platform serves as all-encompassing solution and also the base for Cisco AI Network Analytics, the Cisco’s machine learning program. Aiming to continuously improve user experience and empower network administrators, it allows you to adjust your adjust your network operation with your business intent, simply company data, simplify vulnerable assets, integrate the primary domains of your business’s network, and so on. Below are the exclusive features of Cisco DNA assurance.

More Data Sources

There are more than 17 different source types used by Cisco DNA assurance to collect data. The sources include syslog, RADIUS, IP SLA, Active Directory and users, Simple Network Management Protocol, AVC, DNS, Samsung One UI, and many more. More points of view emerge from more sources. This also allows Cisco to provide a more complete roadmap of future functionality and features.

Correlation of data with AI and ML

To make sense out of all data a combination of local and cloud-based analytics engines is used by Cisco AI-driven Network Analytics. This is also useful in automating the process of performance enhancement and issue resolution.

Concise and Clear display

Cisco DNA assurance has a clear and succinct display of insights with guided remediation and thorough details. As a result, an intuitive interface is created that can be easily understood by your IT team. You can save time and money as there is no need of giving a training for the IT staff.

Wireless active sensor

The compact wireless sensor is very useful especially in remote branches where local IT teams are not available. This wireless active sensor is able to simulate real-world client experiences in a way that IT can validate wireless performance in the DNA assurance in any event like conferences or other critical venues. It ensures that there are no problems occurred.

Wi-Fi analytics

The Wi-Fi analytics work for both Samsung and iOS mobile devices. This Samsung and Apple smartphones and tablets to send any error code and operational information to Cisco DNA Assurance. As a result, IT teams will know why a particular problem happens, eliminating the necessity to perform troubleshooting.

Third-party Integration

The open, extensible platforms allows for seamless third-party integration where the extended use of analytic insights can be applied in other areas of your operations, aligning the network outcomes with your business goals.

What can DNA Assurance Do?

As Cisco DNA Assurance is backed with string API, it is very crucial for IT shops. Here are why DNA assurance is extremely important in network management.

Build Your Own Critical Integration

Cisco DNA Center leverages integrations so network’s clients can experience tremendous value in creating and supporting common integration points. In order to optimize the DNA Center experience, every network administrator must be familiar with the use of APIs. This enables them to integrate with eternal application to keep the network agile and transformational. Using prevailing 3rd party apps lets you automatize many processes and make speedy changes to enterprise networks through the DNA Center.  Here are how the DNA Center helps build your own critical integration.

·      Security Platforms Integration

Integrating with security platform offers a single pane view for your business. To support this integration, the DNA center builds a trusted communications link with Cisco ISE where data can be securely shared.

·      ITSM Integration

With Cisco DNA Center integration into ITSM processes, it provides live or on-demand incidents for any given configuration item inside a particular environment.

·      Cisco ACI Integration

This integration enables automated user mapping policy division when accessing resources in a data center.

Smarter Solutions for Intelligent Networks

Companies who know how to utilize new tools are highly likely to win the competition. Today’s complex networks should configure clear parameters for every device connected to any given network. With Cisco DNA Assurance, you can proactively monitor your network performance and constantly improve it whenever it is needed.  Additionally, Assurance serves as an initial step for remediation, making your troubleshooting process simple. As your network is more strategic to your enterprise, your IT resource should be managed more than before. With the Assurance, the days of tiring and time-consuming network management and troubleshooting are over. Thanks to the AI and machine learning that optimize network and improve user experience.

Cisco DNA Assurance obviously offers insights from every service, application, device, and network’s client. By deploying machine learning (ML) and AI technology, it is extremely reliable in adjusting performance thresholds, automating the process of issue resolution, reducing alarms and false positives, and improving performance. In a nutshell, Cisco DNA Assurance helps save time, reduce work, speed troubleshooting, and help you excel in dealing with networks’ performance. No other system on the market have comparable levels of intelligence and performance enhancement.

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