It has been proven that digital network architecture Cisco has supported and enhanced a business network and made them grow exponentially to their potential in such a short time. Many companies proudly mentioning how they use the architecture for their businesses and gained more profit by having a reliable network and steady delivery.

In this digital age, having a network that covers your whole business is necessary. It can be dangerous for a business to insist on the traditional method. Even a house would have a Wi-fi installed that can connect all of the available devices inside. If you handle your business from home, you may be interested to apply Cisco DNA to your smart home and office.


Optimizing the Digital Network Architecture Cisco

What is Digital Network Architecture Cisco

The architecture is one of the Cisco validated designs that are created to help users when building a network. The DNA is often paired to be built for an intent-based network that will automate the deployment process and ensure smooth and secure access to your service.

Compared to other designs, the DNA is meant for enterprise use. Regardless of the size, it works best on a network that is designed to be accessed by multiple users at the same time. Whether your main concern the security, or ease of remote access with a reliable connection, this architecture can help you building and maintaining it.

This architecture ensures that you can control the network using the dashboard. In short, the DNA helps you on managing your network. You will have full control of the policy, accessibility, and analytic needed to maintain as well as protecting the network.


How it can help your business

To put it simply, DNA can help you streamline your operation and put automatic deployment. That way, the network only requires minimum maintenance. You can rest assured that the network is well protected and have a regular analytic tool that will assess its performance.

DNA offers several solutions that are related to other Cisco services. Choose the service that you know will meet all your needs. After all, this is a design in which you can build your network. Cisco only provides the sandbox for you to build the castle.

Both at a glance and after a closer look, you can see how these solutions are essential for your business. Cisco DNA still works as well, regardless of the business size. It all comes down to the executive decision on employing the DNA solution to scale back the managerial tasks.

Here is the option that you can choose to optimize the DNA for your network. Cisco provided these solutions for your to employ on your network so you can have a secured and fast network, that is also accessible anywhere with a minimum hitch.


Cisco DNA Center

The center can be your all-in-one solution. As it covers many necessary things that you need to have on your network. The DNA center provides you with a dashboard where you can control the automation process and security.

The DNA center is also an open platform, which means you can expand its potential and connect it to other networks that will enable data exchange and swift connectivity. It means unlimited potential that waiting to be unleashed.


Cisco Software-Defined WAN

Cisco Software-Defined or SD-WAN is often seen in the campus areas. This is because it's protecting a specific area and keeping the network security without compromising the speed.

The SD-WAN is also supported by multiple-layer cloud-based security access to help the users when accessing the remote sites without any issue. Being Software-Defined mean that the program is automatically updated and to maintain security and speed.


Cisco Software-Defined Access

Both SD-WAN and SD-Access are used in a campus area because of the security. However, the difference is SD-Access put more emphasis on security and speed. It is meant for end-to-end user segments that will help users on protecting their data.

The consistent user experience will help the analytic to pull the necessary data on the program behavior. As well as mapping the users and how they access the program. This is essential for further expansion to see which areas need improvements.


Cisco Automation Solution

Cisco's solution for network automation provides solutions that will help you manage your network with minimum maintenance. This can help you a lot in scaling back the cost and effort and have a more streamlined network to manage.

The automation solution also covers the regular program update and upgrades with minimum contact. Being automatic means their sill is consistent across the network. Any user will see the same thing on their screen no matter where they access it.


Cisco Security Solution

DNA Security is promised to keep your network secure. Using multiple sensors and enforces that will immediately detect any threat and contain it. These sensors are also regularly updated to stay ahead on providing the secured network.

The protection also works on encrypted traffic. So, anyone in your network doesn't have to worry about any data threats. As any threat will be automatically detected and contained. Including any hidden threats that you may not be aware of.


Cisco Assurance Solution

Cisco has promised and committed to delivering nothing but the best for your network. The DNA assures that your network will be fast and reliable. Any apparent issues will be noticed in an instant and solved before you know it.

They will also save your time on identifying the false negatives among the issues raised. That way, you can have more time on solving the significant issues, while the program takes care of the noises.


As soon as it's implemented, you can start to notice the differences of using the digital network architecture Cisco for your business when you still have to be working manually on managing your network. You can see how maintaining your network will be an easy matter then you can do from your dashboard. And even when your business has expanded, you still need to do minimum work to maintain the network.

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