We will recommend some of the Best Gaming Keyboard 2021 Lists that you can make a reference so you don't choose the wrong one. Because finding the best gaming keyboard at an affordable price is rather difficult, because on average the price of the keyboard is very expensive.

As a true gamer, you definitely need a quality keyboard, gaming keyboards in general are very different. For those of you who are looking for a reference for the list of the best gaming keyboards in 2021, you can read this helpful article.

List of Best Gaming keyboards

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a mechanical keyboard specially designed with gaming in strategy. We chose the Razer BlackWidow as the best for its fully programmable lock features, 10 rollover buttons, extremely durable mechanical switches, and a 2 year warranty. This game keyboard provides perfect control ..

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate comes in 3 styles (Clicky, Stealth, Clicky X) and offers a variety of sizes and color options. Razer recently added the full Overwatch Chroma version of the keyboard.

Compact size or color choice, full Chroma, Another cool feature is that the Razer BlackWidow has a microphone and 3.5mm headphones for easy cable routing.


• Mic and headphone ports

• Tons Selection

• Mechanic Key

AULA LED Backlit Budget Gaming Keyboard

AULA LED Backlit Budget Gaming Keyboard

With a price of around $30 you have got a quality keyboard.

At first glance, the gaming AULA LED Backlit Keyboard will look like a pretty generic gaming keyboard, but the gaming AULA Keyboard looks like a lovely little gem, you shouldn't ignore it! With over 2000 Amazon customer reviews alone and a 4/5 star rating, this might really be the best, considered a viable option for your battle navigation.

Unlike most keyboards, the AULA has a reinforced space key for increased lifespan and has an ultra slim sleek design. To ensure your playing is not interrupted by key errors, this AULA keyboard has the option to lock the windows keys.


• Slick design

• Strengthening On the space key

• Low prices with many features

• Windows key locker

CM Storm Devastator Budget Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

CM Storm Devastator Budget Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

This keyboard is priced at $40 with a sleek and cool design, at a fairly cheap price, you can get a quality keyboard.

This keyboard is available in several colors, namely red, green and blue. And it has been tested by consumers both the buttons are very responsive and the use is very effective. Usually, if you buy this keyboard on the Amazon site, you will get a bonus, which is a gaming mouse.


• Affordable prices

• LED backlight

• Mechanical keys

• Buttons for cool audio controls

Redragon ASURA K501 Budget Gaming Keyboard

Redragon ASURA K501 Budget Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon Asura K501 is a gaming keyboard equipped with 8 macro, arrow and WASD keys. This keyboard is also equipped with adjustable LED backlighting and 32 different colors with a choice of key layouts.

While the Redragon asura K501 doesn't have as many features as some other gaming keyboards, it is ideal enough for people who just want a better gaming experience at a fraction of the cost, rather than those looking to become a professional Twitch streamer.


• Customizable button layout

• Adjustable LED lighting

• Interchangeable key

• Soft, quiet key

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