Along with the increasing growth of WhatsApp users, making this instant messaging application created by Jan Koum is increasingly in demand by business people. By utilizing various features on WhatsApp, business people can indeed get a lot of convenience to take care of a number of things in their business. Not only that, with many clients and consumers using WhatsApp, business people will be able to establish good relationships with clients and consumers / customers. 

But for this WhatsApp to function properly in helping you need to try applying some techniques. Now here are some techniques that can be implemented when using the WhatsApp application with the aim of advancing business

5 Ways to Use Whatsapp in Business

Create a Special WhatsApp Number for Business

First, the technique you can use to make the most of WhatApp as a chat application to grow your business is to create a special number. So try to be more professional by creating a special WhatsApp number for your business. So you have to create and differentiate your personal WhatsApp number and WhatsApp business number. By creating a business-specific WhatsApp number, you will avoid a number of activities that can make your company's good name worse. When combining personal and business WhatsApp numbers, it is possible that your business looks less professional. This is because your stories and complaints about WhatsApp can ilfeel subscribers. So, when you use WhatsApp and start updating your personal status every day, then your business shows a sign of being unprofessional.

Focus on the Target Market of Your Business

Every business must have its own target market. Determining this target market is very important for every entrepreneur so that he can focus more on making business strategies. One of the business strategies to take advantage of the target market that can help business people is when implementing the use of WhatsApp. When using a business-only WhatsApp number, you can freely enter contacts for business communication purposes. But if you want your business to experience good growth, selecting a number of contacts in your target market, including consumers and customers, will make you more focused. From focusing on the customer, you will be able to make some of the features in WhatApp work more optimally for businesses.

Use Group and Chat Features

Furthermore, the technique of optimizing WhatApp to support business growth is to take advantage of the group and one-to-one chat features. With the few customers you already have, there is nothing wrong with forming a group. But make sure you have permission from the customer to be included in the group. With this group you will find it easier to carry out sales strategies or other promotional strategies. Apart from creating groups, you can also take advantage of the private chat feature or one-on-one chat with customers or consumers with special missions. Just asking customers for news via the private chat feature is also very effective so they will be more like and happy with your business.

Use Status Features for Promotion

The latest features mentioned by WhatsApp can also be used to support business growth. The stories feature itself is a WhatsApp feature that allows you to share stories with people in your business contacts. So that your goal of developing this business is achieved, then this story feature should not be as long as you use it. So only stories related to your business that you have to share with others. Some of the things that you can share in stories on WhatsApp are product promotions, information related to your business activities, and so on. Avoid sharing your personal story in your business WhatsApp story. This is because it will make customers think you are unprofessional.

Promote Wisely

Finally, the technique of using WhatsApp to support your business activities is to promote wisely. Quite often, many entrepreneurs consider WhatsApp as a personal medium that is free to promote. Indeed, the rules on WhatsApp are not prohibited. But in business ethics, excessive promotion will actually make mistakes for entrepreneurs. Why is that? Because promotions that are done excessively can make customers feel bored. Now to avoid this, you have to be wise in promoting on WhatsApp.

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