The online world today has become an extraordinary phenomenon. Because the existence of the online world today has changed many people's lives. One of the people's lifestyle changes due to the influence of the online world is shopping. 

Currently, online shopping trends are very popular in the community. With the various conveniences provided, making online shopping the most attractive option to choose from offline shopping. The online shopping hobby itself can be even more than that if there are several things presented by the online store or marketplace. 

5 Things That Make People Spend a Lot of Money Online

So, here are some things from online stores or marketplaces that make someone shop online crazy.

Flash Sale

The first thing that often drives people crazy and crazy about online shopping is a flash sale. Flash sales itself is a discount promo that is often combined with other promos on various products that have a time limit. 

Because there are discounts and additional time limits, flash sales are increasingly popular with the public to be hunted for goods sold. The quick sales promo itself is usually run by the marketplace to be able to increase sales levels. 

When we see a flash sale, which features a number of discounted products, and the time goes backwards, it often becomes motivated to buy immediately. Moreover, if the existing flash sale is combined with other promos, this will motivate someone to continue shopping.


Just like physical stores or offline stores, discounts are often a mainstay of online stores and marketplaces to attract purchases. And the fact is that the discount titles presented by online stores and marketplaces also often lead consumers to go wrong and go crazy shopping. 

In online stores and marketplaces themselves, the discounts or discounts given are quite good. Especially if there is a warning or a certain moment, then the discount promo that can be given by online stores or marketplaces can reach more than half of it. From here, of course, it will increasingly make consumers go crazy shopping online.


Furthermore, the thing that can drive the public crazy and crazy about online shopping is cashback. This cashback is one of the real promotions of refunding a certain amount of money after purchasing a product in an online store or marketplace. 

In the marketplace itself, which is equipped with balance and digital payment features, these cash back promos are often found. So after shopping, the buyer will get cashback, the amount of which will go into the digital balance which must be spent again. 

Well, from here the cashback promo is one of the things that triggers people to go crazy shopping online.

Free Shipping

When making online transactions, buyers are required to pay shipping costs (postage). Well, the actual shipping costs often make consumers lazy to shop online. But now with more and more online shops and marketplaces offering free shipping promos, shoppers are returning to online shopping. 

Online shops and marketplaces already know how shipping costs are a burden for buyers and problems for their sales. So from here, there are many online store owners and marketplaces who then create promos for free shipping. 

From here, it will make more and more consumers love to shop online.


Finally, the thing that often makes consumers crazy about online shopping is the existence of vouchers. Vouchers are promos that can take various forms such as cashback, discounts, free shopping, and free shipping. Now this voucher will make consumers even more fond of the place or shop that sells it. 

Now, nowadays, places that often provide vouchers are online shops and marketplaces. From here, online shopping trends are increasingly widespread and popular with consumers.

Those are some things that can make consumers crazy about online shopping. Shopping according to your needs really doesn't hurt and maybe you should do it. But if you then make an impulse purchase, this is what will actually create your financial problems. 

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