Marketing via social media has now become an increasingly popular choice for entrepreneurs. With the increasing number of social media users, this strategy has made it very viable. One of the potential social media to optimize marketing is Instagram. The social media created by Kevin Systrom is getting better after being acquired by Facebook. After being acquired and polished by Facebook, this image-based social media brings a variety of features to make it more popular with many people. One of the great things about Instagram right now is Instagram stories.

4 Instagram Stories Secrets In Selling Your Business

With this Instagram story feature, you as an entrepreneur can share stories or stories to followers about your business with attractive offers. But for this Instagram story feature to have a good and beneficial impact on your business marketing strategy, there are a few things that need to be done. Now here are some powerful ways you can use Instagram stories to make sales more successful.

Creating Ad Content

First, a powerful way you can make sales through a successful Instagram story is to create an ad. Advertising as a form of online business marketing must be made into several versions. Now on the Instagram stories feature itself there are various views that you can choose from using the tool. Some of the ad content views that you can create with Instagram stories include text, videos, GIF images and several other views. When you can create creative and diverse ad content, viewers will love it more and will be able to make a purchase.

Maximize Tools

Furthermore, a powerful way to sell successfully through Instagram stories is to make the most of the tools available. Instagram Stories does have a variety of tools at its disposal. Now, if you want marketing to be successful, the tools available will help. Some of the tools available on Instagram stories include text mode, rewind, superzoom, boomerang, live, GIF, hands-free, polls, and most recently the questions feature. By maximizing these tools, you will be able to maximize your marketing and increase sales.

Focus on Visual Inspiration

Humans really like the visual appearance of photos or videos compared to text or sound alone. Because you want your sales through Instagram stories to be successful, try to present a visual format in the form of photos or videos. Don't forget to also display the best photos so that your business looks more credible and professional. To get good photos, the camera used must have a good resolution. Also make sure you take the photos for this Instagram story photo with the right photography technique. 

Meanwhile when displaying videos, make sure you use a good tool. After the video shooting process is complete, don't forget to make edits to make a video that really catches the viewer's attention.

Use the Right Time

Lastly, a powerful way to make your sales via Instagram successful is to display your ad content at the right time. Instagram stories that can only be created with a period of up to 60 minutes and are valid for 24 hours do make you have limitations. Therefore, in order not to be in vain and truly optimal, then you must show your ad at the right time. The perfect time to show ads on Instagram stories is when a lot of people see them. Some good times to show business ads on Instagram stories so that many people can see this include the day at the office, the afternoon when they come home from work and the evening before a night's rest.

So, there are a few powerful ways you can make marketing and sales successful through Instagram stories. But to be truly successful, you have to take the methods and tips seriously and consistently.

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