One of the most frequent question that I get from first time users of Snapchat is how I can link my Facebook friends with my Snapchat account. The difference between Snapchat and Facebook is that Snapchat basically use phone numbers as a unique identifier for each account.

However, some of the quickest method to grow your Snapchat friends is by leveraging on the followers and friends that you already have in your other social media platform. One of the common and most popular social media is Facebook. Here in this article we list down 3 simple ways you can find and grow your Snapchat friends using Facebook.

How to Find People on Snapchat through Facebook


If you want to add certain contact that you have in Facebook to Snapchat, you can actually look at their information detail in their Facebook profile. Normally people will add details such as ID for other social media platform such as Twitter and also Snapchat here.

If they have put their contact number also in this page, you can actually use this number to add in the Snapchat as Snapchat identifies mobile number to their account. Below are the steps to find the contact details in Facebook.

Step 1

Open your friend’s Facebook profile that you want to add on Snapchat and tap “About”

Step 2

In the “About” section, choose the “Contact and Basic Info”

Step 3

Look at the Social Links to find any Snapchat ID listed. If they have listed their mobile number, the info also can be used on Snapchat to add that contact.


There are two ways you can use the Facebook status as a mean to grow your Snapchat friends.

First Method – Use Snapcode

You can create your very own Snapcode (Read here on how you can create your own Snapcode) and upload it into your status. Just put a message “Follow me on Snapchat by scanning this Snapcode.

Second Method – Share Username

You can either share your Snapchat username or request other to PM you their username. You can then go to Snapchat and add them using their Snapchat username


Another way to get new contact for Snapchat is by synching your Facebook address book with your iPhone’s address book. You can then allow Snapchat to access your iPhone’s address book to find any of your Facebook friends are using Snapchat. Below are the step by step guide.

Step 1

Open your iPhone settings and tap on Facebook

Step 2

In the Facebook settings on your iPhone, enable the “Contacts”. This will then sync your Facebook contact with your iPhone.

Step 3

Once your address book is sync, open your Snapchat apps and tap “Add Friends”

Step 4

Tap the “Add from Address Book”

So, there you have it. 3 simple steps how to find people on snapchat through facebook. 

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