I discovered that my Cursed Earth mob farm, which I built much earlier in my current 1.12.2 world, was no longer spawning any mobs. I checked around the area for Feral Flare Lanterns, and removed them, replacing them with other light sources. This allowed mobs to spawn in it again.

Thaumcraft Flux Flu: Easy Tutorial How To Play

Anyway on to the Flux Rift around 800m west of my base. Last night I was there and saw this:

Thaumcraft Flux Flu: Easy Tutorial How To Play

According to the FTB Wiki on Thaumcraft 6, this should not be possible - there can only be one Flux Rift per 64x64x64 area. There's 3 here. Originally there were just the two smaller ones, but when I came back here after a while, the third, much larger one formed These pass through blocks as if they are nothing. Entities take 2 hearts of void damage continuously while in contact with a rift, and items thrown into it are destroyed, except the Causality Collapser, which is supposed to explode upon contact with a Flux Rift, causing it to close. That item is an Arcane Fusion recipe with Very High instability, so making one would be a good test of how stable the Altar is with the candles and skulls around it.

Both of the larger ones are unstable, and will shake quite a bit. Unstable rifts will also have a transparent swirl around them, with more swirls the higher the instability.

When I came back here later, the smallest rift had disappeared, either getting absorbed by the larger one (not sure if this is so), or it closed, and the Giant Taint Seed that dropped from it immediately despawned. That is also why I it is not a good idea to chunk load this area - if I do so and a Taint Seed drops, the entire island will become tainted, and I will have to move the Crucible.

I want to keep the rifts going here as I need to grind them for a Primordial Pearl and Void Seeds. I've so far had numerous Wisps spawn, some of which it placed inside solid blocks and they suffocated to death, gotten the Flux Flu several times and had to relog because of a bug where the status effect doesn't disappear when the timer reaches 0:00, had Flux Cloud cast damaging spells on me which I was able to avoid because they were targetted at the location where I stood, and would just stay away until they dissapated, and had 2 Giant Taint Seeds spawn. I scanned the 2nd one with my Thaumometer and unlocked an entry in the Thaumonomicon on Taint Seeds. It did not spread any taint, and although it attacked me, it did not do any damage as it hit my armor's energy shield. It took a couple of hits to kill with my sword; i think its defenses blocked some of the damage.

Edit: I have put so much Flux into the aura here that the rifts will continue forming. Inside my new lab, however, the flux has gone down considerably with the use of the Condenser. I've had one of the Lattices become clogged with flux - they turn dark purple. You use an Essentia Filter on one to restore it to normal operation.

I also made the Causality Collapser - the Altar stayed very stable the entire time.

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