Thaumcraft flux flu : Easy tutorial how to play

thaumcraft flux flu minecraft

Thaumcraft flux flu 

Let me be clear. Flux comes from vanilla thaumcraft, not warp theory.

The amulet you mentioned requires tears itself, which, if that's the case, comes much closer to the end of your warp adventure not at the beginning or in the middle. 

when you have a rip, you don't have to worry about warp anymore. I'm trying to find out if you don't really understand my concerns or are insolent about it...: P


Second, the text of the book states for amulet remediation ".... This amulet will eliminate the most dangerous effect on the holder and store it himself, taking damage. This will eliminate some of the effects that come from warp, with extreme durability costs. "


You guys changed the core mechanism of the item from the mod of what I collected. I just don't understand why consider how badly you punish ppl with warp theory on the side of it. It seems an extra penalty with the only way to deal with this problem.


Note: You will be better served by stating that bath soap, etc. is what you will use to reduce some warp events (again, vanilla warp show). but doing it when you are 1000 m from your base or in another dimension somewhat gets in the way of it.


Lastly, since you mention the warp theory, there are some warp warp theory events that are removed and canceled by the amulet. So again it is uncertain why this modification was made. Bart told me to look at the code but I don't know where to look or what to look for to see who made the change and why.

Even if you don't feel the need to change, I still want to explain what you changed from core behavior so that at least ppl can know what to expect. Thaumcraft flux flu Easy tutorial how to play.

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