How to unblock someone on twitch UPDATED | With pictures


Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. It was purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $970. The site is very popular among gamers because it focuses on live streaming video games. Twitch has blocking feature on its app. Users can block people whoever they want. In this article, we will give you some guides about how to unblock someone on twitch.

A. What happens if someone blocked on twitch

Twitch has tightened their blocking system. Actually this is an old feature on twitch. Now, if you block someone, then they will no longer on your Follower list. 

updated blocking on twitch

What happens if you block someone's account:

  1. They will disappear from your follower list as well as your friends list.
  2. They won't be able to add you as a friend.
  3. They won't be able to host you.
  4. They won't be able to buy gift subscriptions on your channel.
  5. They won't be able to send you Whisper.

A user who has been blocked will also be exposed to shadowban on their IP. This means that even if they create a new account, they still can't keep up with streamers who have blocked them. All of these restrictions apply until a streamer or moderator on a channel unbans the user.

B. 3 ways to unblock someone on twitch TV

unblock someone on twitch

1. How to unblock people on twitch via android device

On android devices, you have the option to unblock someone instantly from the chat box. Follow the steps below to unblock users via chatbox.

1. Go to Twitch profile.

2. Go to the stream chat.

3. Choose people whom you want to ublock.

4. Click "Unblock".

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2. How to unblock someone on twitch app via iOS

1. Open the Twitch App on your iOS device.

2. Tap the Profile icon (On the upper left corner of the landing page).


3. Choose "Settings".


4. Choose "Security & privacy".


Note : At this page you will see a list of BLOCKED PEOPLE. 

5. Choose someone whom you want to unblock.

6. Tap the Unblock button.


7. There will be a confirmation pop-up and just click "Unblock".


Note : If you need more detailed tutorial you can go to How to unblock someone on twitch on mobile device. 

3. How to unblock someone on twitch via website

unblock someone on twitch via web

You can follow below steps to unblock someone using Twitch website :

1. Open your web browser --> go to twitch tv website.

2. Click the Profile icon (on the top right corner).

3. Click "Settings".

4. Choose "Security and Privacy".

5. Click "Show Blocked Users" (on the Privacy section).

6. Choose someone you want to unblock.

7. Click the Delete icon to unblock them.

8. Well done.

Unblocking people from Twitch website will unblock from the twitch app as well. Twitch website and Twitch mobile are in sync.

C. Other alternatives to blocking people in twitch

There are other ways you can do to avoid some users from interacting with you. You can do :

  1. Enable Followers-only mode.
  2. Turning on Chat Filter.
  3. File a user Report.

D. Last word for "how to unblock someone on twitch"

With this stricter blocking system, a streamer can ensure that they are not harassed by trolls who are happy to scold streamers or apply force. As for moderators from channels that broadcast major esports events, they can make sure their channels are free of toxic viewers. In this video below you can see how to unblock someone on twitch very easily.

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