What does clear cache mean on snapchat & the right ways to delete cache

We always see this ‘Clear Cache’ everywhere. Each application we install on our Android phone has this ‘Clear Cache’ option. So does your snapchat app. Even our phone itself has a ‘Clear Cache’ setting. What does clear cache mean on snapchat? What is its function? How can we use it? To use this feature properly, we must first understand its function. If we know how it works, we’ll be able to know when is the best time to tap on it.

What does clear cache mean on snapchat

So, before you learn how to use the ‘Clear Cache’ function, you’ll see the benefits owned by ‘Clear Cache’. But first, what is cache? Cache is standard feature of Android phone that stores temporary information in the local directory. When you visit website or app again, it will load directly from the cache copy. So why do we want to clear the cache?

What does clear cache mean on snapchat and How to Clear Cache?

Clear Cache will also help you fixing misbehaving Android application. It also working to your snapchat app. Clearing the cache will also give you some of the used space. It is totally easy to clear it, follow some steps down here:
  1. Open your android’s Settings.
  2. Look for Storage setting then open that settings page.
  3. For phones with Android Oreo and earlier Android versions, open App Manager.
  4. Tap Other Apps settings page then you will see the installed apps in your phone.
  5. Find application that you want the cache to be cleared then tap to open that application settings.
  6. You will see the Cache, how many memories it is used.
  7. Tap button said Clear Cache and you will clean the stored details carried by the application.

Be careful when you’re clearing the cache since Clear Cache and Clear Storage buttons usually are placed close to each other. They might seem the same but have totally different function. Clear Cache will only remove the useless information you don’t need. But Clear Storage will delete the entire data of applications including snapchat app, game progress, passwords, username, and others.

The Benefits or Functions of Clear Cache

Just like other features added to Android phone, Clear Cache comes with essential functions. What can it do? Here are what Clear Cache can do for your Android phone:

• Enhancing application and system performance

Cache will slow down applications and systems because of the memory and RAM it acquires. Cache oftentimes is filled with information that is not important for you in the future. By clearing cache, you reduce data fetching and processing thereby improving your phone’s performance.

• Fetching the page’s latest update version

Stored webpage instance is going to be loaded anytime you open your browser. Changes that have been made to webpage cannot be reflected because of cache. By clearing your cache memory, you will see what changes that have been implemented to browser. Clearing cache signifies your browser and fetch webpage latest version.

• Mitigating privacy threat

Cache will also store some websites’ private data like your mobile numbers, login credentials, and so on. If you’re using someone’s computer or browser, next user that uses that device can gain access to personal or sensitive information. It is dangerous since it raises privacy threat. If you’re worried about the privacy, delete the cache routinely to reduce privacy threat.

Clearing All Caches in Phone’s Storage

If you’re too busy to open every single application to clear each app’s cache, there is an alternative: clearing the cache of your Android phone’s internal storage. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your Android device’s Settings menu.
  2. Look for Storage option. In some Android devices, this option is in the About Phone.
  3. Once you found it, open the Internal Storage which is under the Device Storage. In some devices, it is called Non-System Storage.
  4. Then there’s Cached data. Tap on it.
  5. There will be dialog box asking if you really want to clear the cached data for the entire applications in your device. Just tap the OK button.

Clearing all applications’ cached data is not going to delete the app data such as account information.


Steps to Clear Browser Cache to Make Browser Runs Faster

So, you have learned about what does clear cache mean on snapchat and steps of clearing the cache of Android phone’s applications. What about the cache of your browser? Clearing browser cache might be simple but it will help eliminating device’s performance issues. Below is tutorial to clear cache of your Chrome app which is default web browser of Android phone.
  1. Open your Google Chrome application.
  2. There is three-dot icon on top right of your Chrome app. Tap the icon and you’ll see dropdown menu appears.
  3. Open the History option and you will see list of websites you have opened in that day and previous days.
  4. On top of the list, there’s Clear browsing data… option. Tap on it and you’ll see Basic and Advanced options.
  5. There is Time Range menu that allows you to choose oldest date’s cache you want to clear. Tap it to see the last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, or all times.
  6. Three clearing options is available in Basic clearing. Select the Cached images and files and leave the other two options. Choosing the Cookies and site data will sign you out from many sites.
  7. Tap Clear data on right corner of your phone to clear the cache.

Clearing Cache Data Routinely

Besides the what does clear cache mean on snapchat and how to clear the cache, another question people ask is how often should we clear the cache. Well, clearing the cache periodically might be helpful for you. But there is no requirement to clear your device’s cache regularly. If you have to clear the cache routinely in order to free some space up, you may need to remove unused apps.

Archiving your photos and videos in cloud is also a great option if you really need to use extra spaces instead of clearing your device’s cache every day. Another excellent option is installing microSD card with high volume so you will get extra storage you need. One last option you might need is trading your phone to the latest series which has 256 gigabytes internal storage.

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