Paypal money generator app is an app that you can use to run your payment works automatically. There are many types of paypal money generator app. Here I will give you some recommendation for you.

PayLink generator for paypal (android app)

PayLink Generator app is an android app that you can use to create and save custom invoices that you email to your customers. Do you need to send an invoice to someone with a Paypal payment link? You don't have to ask your customers what their Paypal e-mail is.

When someone sends money to your email address, then Paypal will email you to let you know that you have been paid. Then you open a Paypal account and get your money.

You can build a 1 click payment link with the PP Invoice app and paste it wherever you want (email, on your blog, facebook, on your twitter feed, html hyperlink, etc...).

Currencies around the world are added to the database (CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HKD, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, USD, EUR, GPB, AUD, BRL, MYR, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, TWD, etc...). You can use payment by credit card, paypal, or bank account.

6 easy steps using money generator :

  1. Open this app and create your new account.
  2. Enter YOUR email (your paypal account email).
  3. Add some description and number of items you will sell.
  4. Select the currency you want to use (USD, EUR etc..).
  5. Send email with paylink to your customers.
  6. When you have been paid, paypal sends you a notification to your email that you are receiving money from your customer.

This is a free app and can be installed  by anyone on playstore. If you are interested you can download this app here.


Paypal money generator app by freelancer

The second way you can use freelancer services to create your own paypal generator app for android. You can ask them to create a paypal generator app anything you like. It will really help you to lighten your work as you wish.

If you really want your work to run automatically, this is the best idea for you. By using your own app you won't find any ads. Instead, you can sell this app on google playstore and place ads there. See, you can make extra money right?

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You can contact now the frelancer to build your money generator app. Just go to freelancer.(com) and search for paypal money generator app. You will find many freelancer there. Before you choose one of them, it is better to you to look their ratings. Choose the best freelancer with the best price.

Last word for paypal generator app

Paypal money generator is an app that will facilitate your payment method with paypal. You can choose money generator free app or hire freelancer to create it. Of course the two have differences. If you're using the free version, it has limited features. This will certainly make it a little difficult for you. 

If you have little funds to hire freelancers, then creating your own money generator app is a good idea. This will really help you solve the problem. Compared to the price this will be worth it with its function. Hopefully this article can help you make your choice. Cheers!

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