Google Maps, born in 2005, has been the main mobile mapping service for iOS and Android devices since the beginning of smartphones. Then, in 2012 Apple decided to launch Apple Maps specifically for iPhone and iPad. 

How did apple trump google to become the dominant mapping platform on ios?

A. How did Apple trump Google to become the dominant mapping platform on iOS?

Apple's control of iOS gave it control of the distribution channel to reach its users and kick the Google out as the default mapping app. It captures the majority of user engagement. That's how Apple trump Google to become the dominant mapping platform on iOS. 

B. Advantages of Apple Maps Compared To Google Maps

1. The Technology

Along with the launch of iOS 13 and iPad OS 13, Apple released the updated Maps app. Currently, Apple Maps is replaced with new data collected directly by Apple.

The updated maps are much more detailed and accurate, based on the millions of miles in cars equipped with cameras and lidar, high-resolution satellite imagery, Apple employees exploring the environment on foot with radar modules strapped to the back, and millions of images taken by air.

Apple Maps is designed specifically for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices. Unlike Google Maps which can allow cross-platform. So, if you're a user of an Apple product wanting to use Google Maps, you'll need to download it from the App Store. After that, Apple users can use Google Maps in the same way they do on other third-party apps.

2. Interface Features

When you use these two apps together, you'll see some subtle differences in visually presentering maps. Apple Maps map rendition looks a little flat and shows many default locations, but the text and icons are small in size. However, Google Maps also highlights many default locations, but they don't always match Apple Maps and icons that tend to be larger, brighter, and interesting.

With Apple Maps, you can search for specific locations using the search bar at the bottom of the screen and change map settings (map, satellite, or transit) by tapping the information button at the top right, which takes you to the second screen to make adjustments. Apple also has a special icon for landmarks and you can see the current weather on location. 

3. Privacy

Since Apple and Google are different companies with different philosophies about data and privacy, users should consider when deciding which one to use as your default mapper. It is much easier to have all stored purposes and custom mapping details on a single security service.

Apple makes more of a point of concentrating on privacy than Google and most app functionality can be accessed without going into a user account. Most data, navigation, and directions are directly stored on your device, not in the cloud. And the mapping info you're looking for doesn't refer to your Apple ID.

The data collected by Maps will be associated with a "random identifier" that is constantly reset. A process called fuzzing is to change the specific location where the user starts a search for an inappropriate location after 24 hours.

C. Last word for how apple become the dominant mapping on iOS

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