Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature edition laptop review full specs

For users of inspiron series Dell laptops, Dell is now releasing its latest edition. This laptop certainly comes with a variety of advantages. Here we will review all the features of Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature edition laptop in a nutshell.

dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature edition laptop review

A. Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature edition review

DELL Inspiron 15 5570 signature is a series of laptops that are able to accompany your daily needs. This will make it easier for you about productivity to multimedia. 

The laptop is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core™ i5 processor that delivers significant performance when compared to previous generations. 

For graphics processing, DELL entrusted it to AMD with Radeon™ 530. You'll experience satisfying graphics performance. This provides excellent gaming performance. Storage media in the form of a 2TB HDD makes file and document storage more free.

The Dell 15 i5559 4682slv signature entrusts it to the AMD Radeon 530. With the GPU from AMD, you'll get an immersive graphics experience so your eyes will be spoiled for it. 

The audio it presents is no less awesome. DELL Inspiron 15 5570 MaxxAudio® Pro that allows you to get great sound clarity.

B. Dell 15 i5559 4682slv signature Specs

The Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature has dimensions of 0.94 Inches x 10.25 Inches x 15.6 Inches (height x width x screen display size). The inspiron weighs 1.2 kg and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. 

Like most laptops it has batteries with durable lithium materials. Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv uses intel processor with the latest type i5 technology. This processor has a speed of 2.8 GHz.Display 15.6 in Full HD LED touchscreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

  • Support 10-finger multi-touch.
  • 64-bit PC type Laptop Optical drive DVD.
  • RW Media drive SD card reader.
  • Audio Waves MaxxAudio Pro Video. 
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 (with shared graphics memory).
  • Ports 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI.
  • Headphone output/Microphone input combo.
  • LAN (10/100).
  • Battery 4-cell lithium-ion.
  • Processor Core i5-6200U 2.30 GHz (Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.80 GHz).
  • Memory 8GB type DDR3L. 
  • Hard drive size up to 1TB. 
  • OS Windows 10 Home.
  • Model number : Inspiron 15 i5559-4682SLV.

C. Deep review for Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature

This is the Dell Inspiron laptop and now for our specs we have the Intel Core i5 6200 u 2.5 GHz to Core 2. It only it only consumes about 15 watts of power. Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv can turbo up to 2.8 if it needs to it is 8 gigabytes of ddr3 16 maximum. 

Now, the current model I have has 128 gigabytes SSD. Obviously, it's only 128 gigs which is a major downfall. But, you are getting that SSD right speed.

inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature laptop review

1. The  webcam

You're going to run out of storage very quickly. I have already now the 720p webcam is not that good. The colors are way off and the mics pretty bad. If you just want to get a simple Skype call done it's fine for that.

2. Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv design

The design of this laptop is pretty good it consists of a rough metal outside. The inside of it is made out of rubber and that feels really good on your hands. But, it is a fingerprint magnet. 

The keyboard is backlit which is great for use in darker rooms. The trackpad is terrible. I would not recommend using it at all now for video consumption such as Netflix and YouTube. 

The screen is a 15.6 inch TN 1366 by 768 display. It's nothing amazing, it's alright the colors are half decent on this. So, it's not so unusable. Obviously if you're in any indoor room it's fine. I would not recommend it as it is a TN panel. 

They don't fare too well. Now, this laptop comes with three USB 2.0 port disappointed in the lack of USB 3.0. SD card reader in HDMI ports and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Now, one problem does laptop is the 128 gigabyte SSD. Well, Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv  is fast and it's nice having with Windows 10.

This is perfectly fine as shown. 15 i5559 4682slv  signature looks terrible because I have a very bad viewing angle. For daily use such as going on the internet or using Microsoft Office you're using your Google Drive this is perfectly fine.

3. The battery

For better usage I get 5 to 6 hours out of this laptop without any heavy use. Obviously if you do something like gaming or video editing. Then, yes it's going to wreck the battery now for better usage I get 5 to 6 hours out.

4. Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv rendering videos

Now this laptop in Cinebench r15 we got a score of 156 . When rendering my core 2 quad video at 1080p 60fps we get a time of 4 minutes and 22 seconds that is really good. Considering that, this is a little bit lower end of the laptop side of things. So, this just proves you really don't need that beefy hardware to render and edit.

5. Dell 15 i5559 4682slv For gaming

Now, I know you want to see a gaming benchmark of csgo or dota2 or something low-end like that I simply don't have this space to install it right now. What are my thoughts in this laptop um it's pretty good for the money. But, I personally wouldn't pick it up now. 

I only got this because it was in sale and it was $100 less than normal. If it wasn't that I would probably get something different because of the original asking price of this laptop for about $20 to $30 more. 

You can get something with a full HD 1080p display. The discrete graphics card that can play games better than this. And well that's just better.

If you need a more detailed review, we provide video media for you with in-depth information. Please click on the video below.

D. Last word for inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature laptop

Inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv comes with various advances refining earlier versions of inspiron. If you're looking for a Dell inspiron laptop this is the great decision for you. This is very relevant to facilitate your work. It has good performance for gaming or video editing. 

Coming with a powerful RAM and processor i5 will get all your work done quickly. In editing video, Dell inspiron 15 i5559 4682slv signature edition has fast and stable rendering capabilities. Dell's distinctive design makes this laptop has many loyals fan.

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