Defcon warning system community forum you must join

Defcon is an Institution operating in the United States. This gives you information about the stability of world security. If you want to know the stability of world security accurately, this is a great idea for you. Not only that you will also find information about natural phenomena, politics, natural disasters, and many other things. This forum is open to everyone from any country. And of course it's free for everyone.


Why I should join DEFCON warning system community forum?

Before you join this forum, you must create an account first. After becoming a member you can join this forum for free. What are you going to get here? Well, we'll discuss this one by one.

1. Defcon announcements and Information

Defcon provides you with the latest information boards. Here are several subsections that you can click on. 

• DEFCON Updates and General Announcements

Here you will find Important information from the DEFCON Warning System.

• Board Announcements

You can take a look here for information and policies about the message board forum.

• Discord

Click this one and you can live communication when situation warrants.

• Contact DEFCON Anonymously

Here, you can contact DEFCON without specifying your identity.

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2. DEFCON Breaking News

• Military Events

It contains reports on current military activity in the world.

• Geopolitical Events

This section you can find reports on political activity with strategic consequences.

• Radiological Events

It contains a radiological activity of all types. You can learn about radiology here.


You can read and comment on articles posted by The DEFCON here.

3. DEFCON Open Source Information

• Signal Intelligence

You can monitor and view radio communications reports here.

• Airborne Intelligence

Here, you can apply military aircraft activity from all countries here.

• Seaborne Intelligence

You can monitor sea communications here.

• Defense Development

It is kind of a forum to report technological progress in the military sector. You can also analyze the military technology here.

4. General

• Politics

It is a politics session. It can affect every part of your life. You can debate it here.

• Terrorism

Let's look for information about terrorism.

• Natural Disasters

Nature is the dwelling place of man. Sometimes, nature has a surprise for humans. You can talk about that here.

• General Discussion

If you have a topic that doesn't fit the topics above, let's discuss it here.

5. Off Topic

• Suggestions and Comments

Have any suggestions or comments? Please click this one.

• Anything Goes

You can talk about anything outside the defcon warning system here. 

• Humour

Yes, it's real. You can just take a look at defcon forum by yourself now.

• Emergency Readiness

Find an emergency whatever it is? Come there.

Last word for defcon forum

There are many things you can discuss here. Politics, natural disasters, natural phenomena, nuclear, rockets whatever it is. On the other hand, if you join this forum you will get a lot of information. Since this is an open forum, you will meet people from different countries. This will provide you with up-to-date information. You can get information from them about whatever it is.  If you want to join you can go to DEFCON warning system forum.

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