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This is us season 2 – Especially, teach the audience to empathize more with each other, fostering an understanding of the problems people face in the real world. The plot of the premiere is pretty good, but the meticulous setting will be futile amid the carelessness and outdated pearly words. The lives of Rebecca, Jack, and their three descendants - Kevin, Kate, and Randall - are presented at different points in time. We're not used to seeing people who are so heavy on TV, and not in lead roles like this.

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When we first met them, Jack, Kate, Kevin, and Randall were all celebrating their 36th birthdays - and - going through a number of plays big and small in their own lives. When a very pregnant Rebecca gives Jack his usual birthday cake for Jack, he gives birth to their triplets.

Randall, meanwhile, was struck by a cake with a cadre of workers when he saw his father's title, which left him in the fire department as a toddler. Kate, a compulsive overeater, stares sadly into her own birthday cake, lined with Post-It notes she wrote herself to warn her not to eat it until her time.

It's very difficult to build a shocking and total narrative in just 40 minutes with all these characters. The end result is an episode that allows viewers to marvel at the mysteries and beauty of life - in a small grace note of unexpected destiny and the similarities that bind us together - while understanding the important characters and their problems.

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