How to cancel twitch prime membership DONT GET CHARGED!

Twitch Prime is a monthly subscription service on the twitch app which is an offshoot of Amazon Prime. Through Twitch Prime you can access premium content on Twitch that most Twitch users can't access.


If you try twitch prime trial and want to cancel this, we will give you the tutorial. We will give instructions on how to cancel twitch prime via amazon, via twitch mobile and via twitch website.

A. How to cancel twitch prime via twitch mobile


1. Log in into your twitch account first.

2. Tap your profile icon that you find on the top right of your screen. 

3. Choose "Settings".

4. Tap the "Connections" tab.

5. Find & tap "Recommended Connections".

6. Find Amazon --> Click the "Disconnect" 

7. You have canceled your twitch Prime!

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B. How to cancel twitch prime via twitch website

1. Go to twitch website.

2. Log into your Twitch account.

3. Click the profile icon (at the top right corner of your screen).


4. Then, choose "Settings".


5. Find & click the "Connections" tab.

6. On the Amazon section, click the "Disconnect" button.

5. Then, will appear a pop-up window on your screen and just click "Yes, Disconnect."

C. How to cancel twitch prime via amazon website

Note : You can see this video tutorial How to cancel twitch prime via amazon direcly on youtube.

D. Last word for cancelling twitch prime

Both of the above methods will cancel your Twitch Prime without cancelling your Amazon Prime subscription. However, if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, your Twitch prime account will also be canceled automatically. 

If you don't want to cancel your amazon subscription, you can cancel twitch prime by doing both of the above. If you wanna know how to unsubcribe on twitch, we also give the video tutorial for you down below. 

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