7 Hero forge alternatives WITH BEST FEATURES you should try now

hero forge alternative

3D printing and customization technology helps you create your own miniature modeling. Hero Forge has become a well-known and very interesting service that lets you design miniature 3D prints. Hero forge gives you a wide selection of facial expressions, hairstyle selection, gender, poses, battle weapons, and more to choose from. In addition, you can also choose the material and miniature size you want. There are so many features available in Hero Forge to make your favorite miniature. Here we will give you some hero forge alternative that you should try. 

A. Hero forge alternative you can try

1. Eldritch Foundry

Alternative 1 : Eldritch Foundry

This is the best alternative because of its 3D creation and modeling capabilities. It's cheaper than Hero Forge because you can create your own 3D miniatures for just $40. It has many unique character designs with different hairstyles, pose, genders that make your character more attractive. Miniature crafts in Eldritch Foundry make you feel like you're making video games. 

This technology makes miniatures with a modern and also traditional look. It makes your work comfortable and helps you make your craft smoothly. You can share your creations on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and many others.

2. Desktop Hero

Alternative 2 : Desktop Hero

Desktop Hero is an alternative site that you can use to design your miniature. You can create your own design then print it at a cheaper cost. Destop Hero is available for between $3.5 - $5 per miniature. The cost of printing online on desktop hero is lower than printing at home. You can choose as many poses as you like. You can share your miniature designs through the Desktop Hero global community.

3. ANVL.co

Alternative 3 : ANVL.co

ANVL will help you to create more miniature designs. It has a cheaper cost than Hero Forge. You can design your favorite miniatures with a more attractive and satisfying design. ANVL.co have many amazing features that help you get the job done on time.

4. Hero Mini Maker

Alternative 4 : Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker is the perfect alternative to Hero Forge. This will help you create miniature 3D fantasies however you like. The interface is so comfortable that it makes you more relaxed and easy to imagine. In addition, you get a wide variety of poses, masks, weapons, and helmets to design your miniatures more attractively. 

The most interesting thing is that you can design 3D designs over 800 styles of different and interesting animations. It offers you a selection of female and male body parts and a variety of interesting special wear. This is the perfect alternative of Hero to your imagination. 

5. Thingiverse

Alternative 5 : Thingiverse

Thingiverse is a 3D design app like any other alternative to Hero Forge. You can design your favorite 3D miniatures easily here. You can configure character appearance designs such as poses, clothes, armor, weapons, etc. This is a free alternative site for you. 

6. Creature Castre

Alternative 6 : Creature Castre

This is a Hero Forge alternative that has a lot of features. Creature Caster will make it easy for you to create miniature or highly artistic sculptures. This is quite well known among 3D designers because it's been going on for years. It is a good alternative you must try. 

7. Gambody

Alternative 7 : Gambody

Next we familiarize you Gambody as a replacement for Hero Forge. This website has a very interesting variety. This makes Gambody different from the others. 

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It provides quite a lot of features. This will make it easier for you to create designs with various characters such as stares, dragons, etc. It's a bit costly ranging from $1 to $45.

B. Last word for hero forge alternative tools

The list above is the best alternative to Hero Forge. If you want to design your own miniature 3D, you can use one of the above applications. We provide you with alternative websites and software you can install on your PC. You can create a variety of miniatures with many features available. 

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