Skse64 won't launch : 3 issues & ways to fix it easily

SKSE64 (Skyrim Script Extender 64) is a modding tool used in complex Mods for Skyrim games. There are many gamers who have problems with their game after installing mods through skse64. Even, in some cases SKSE 64 encounters errors and only displays black screen. Many gamers asked why my skyrim special edition script extender is won't launch?

skse won't launch

You may also encounter this issue even if you are using the latest version of Skyrim SKSE64. This is so annoying. It makes us unable to launch skse64 after installing the mod.

A. Why skse64 won't launch?

• Firewall

One of the reasons why skse64 not launching is firewall in your Windows. This will prevent some app elements. This will make skse special edition won't work because it is not connected to the server.

• Antivirus (Windows Defender)

Windows Defender or antivirus installed on your computer will make skse64 won't launch. Antivirus will respond to skse 64 as a danger.

• The mod is broken

There are Mods that can cause errors in skse64. Usually, when you update your game, the Mod won't work properly. So, in order for skse64 to work properly you have to update the Mod as well.

Once you know the reason why skse64 is not working, we will provide the solutions how to fix it.

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B. How to fix skyrim special edition skse64 won't launch


To fix skse64 won't launch there are 3 ways you can do:

1. Fix "skse64 won't work" via firewall

Windows Firewall will prevent your skse64 from connecting from the server. This is why your skse64 is not running. All you need to do is add an exception to the Windows firewall. We'll tell you how to do it steps by steps.

Type firewall on search box -> click enter.


In Windows Defender Firewall, click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall". You can find it at the top corner and then click it.


After that, choose "Change settings" (at the top right corner).


Find out "skyrim special edition skse" and all the related applications -> Allow them (choose both the Public and Private networks) -> click OK.

For more detailed tutorials you can also watch video How to fix skse64 won't launch via firewall.

2. Fix "skse64 won't launch" via windows Defender / Antivirus

Windows Defender or antivirus on your laptop is tasked with stopping foreign systems on your laptop. Most likely why skse64 won't launch because antivirus on your laptop. You need to add an exception for Windows Defender / Antivirus.

1. Click Start Menu -> Windows Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & Threat protection.

Click Update & Security

click windows security

click Virus & Threat protection

2. Scroll down and find out "Manage settings" (under "Virus & Threat protection settings").

click manage settings

3. Find out and click "Add or remove an Exclusion" (under "Exclusions").


4. Select "Folder" (add an exclusion folder in your windows defender).


5. Browse the Skyrim installation folder to add into the exclusion list.

You can also watch this video tutorial How to fix the skse64 won't launch via Antivirus.

3. Fix the problematic mods


In some cases mods can cause problems. This usually happens because the game is updated, but you forget to update the mod.

Usually, when a game update is released, mod developers also release the update. Sometimes mods updates take some time to release.

You should always look for mods updates first. If it is not available, then you should disable the mod. This you should do to avoid the mod problem.

  1. Open "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition" -> choose Mods on the menu.
  2. Locate the mod into mod library.
  3. Disable or Delete it as you wish.

4. Rollback your skyrim special edition skse64

When the game receives an update, SKSE64 also gets an update. This will allow SKSE64 to work properly with the updated version of the game. However, if SKSE64 has not received the update, you can revert the game to an earlier version. This you have to do. If you don't do this, as a result your skse64 won't launch.

1. Go to the Steam Database site -> type "Skyrim" -> click Enter.

2. Memorize the "APPID of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim".

3. Click the number (at the right side) -> click Depots (at the bottom of the new webpage).

4. Locate and click the number of the "SkyrimSpecialEdition exe" (under ID).

5. On the new page, click Manifests -> take note of the number of the update that is right below the latest update.

NOTE : If the latest update is 3 days ago, note down the number of the update below the latest update. It is is the older version of Skyrim.

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6. Right click "Steam client" -> Properties.

9. In Steam Properties, click "Shortcut" -> add "-console" to the path in "Target" -> Apply -> OK.

You will see "blablaablaa/steam.exe|-console"

10. Open "Steam client" -> click Console.

11. Input "download-depot (App Id number) (Depot Id number) (manifest id number)" -> click Enter.

NOTE : Please make sure you are typing in your number correctly.

C. Last word for fixing the skse 64 won't launching

Skse64 wont launch problem is a very annoying one for gamers like me. Follow steps by steps above you can solve your skse64 problem. Make your skse64 working and play the game!

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