DynDOLOD SSE : Steps to download & install | skyrim special edition


Do you want to install DynDOLOD Skyrim Special Edition to vortex? For you who are struggling installing Skyrim SE DynDOLOD to Vortex, we will give you a quick guide to do it.

NOTE : You must make sure your DynDOLOD SE is in beta. Hopefully this way works for your DynDOLOD special edition version.

Well, we'll give you a guide on how to install DynDOLOD Skyrim into vortex. This is not a guide on how to use DynDOLOD sse on your PC.

Before you install Skyrim SE DynDOLOD to vortex on your PC, make sure you already have the tools below:

  1. SkyUI for SE.
  2. SKSE64.
  3. DynDOLOD Standalone.
  4. DynDOLOD Resources SE.
  5. DynDOLOD DLL for SSE.
  6. DynDOLOD Scripts for SSE.
  7. PapyrusUtil SE.

NOTE : This step will be a little complicated, maybe watching video tutorial install dyndolod sse will help you.

Install DynDOLOD Skyrim Special Edition on PC

1. Open Vortex --> Mods tab --> select the "Install from file" (at the top menu bar).

2. Add your "DynDOLOD Standalone" (do not install yet).

3. Right Click on "DynDOLOD Standalone" --> choose "Open In File Manager".

source : dyndolod sse

To make sure the files are installed correctly into the SkyrimSE game directory, you need to make changes before you install it in vortex.

You'll most likely encounter problems with mesh folders and plugins that aren't in the original archive. This is normal when you install the mod. All you have to do is delete these files. If you don't delete them, then your DynDOLOD Skyrim SE won't work properly.


4. Cut all the files out of the DynDOLOD folder --> paste it into the main archive.


5. Make sure the DynDOLOD folder is empty. Now you can delete it.

You will find files like the following :

  1. Docs folder
  2. Edit Scripts folder
  3. Logs Folder
  4. DynDOLOD.exe
  5. DynDOLOD_QuickStart.html
  6. DynDOLODx64.exe
  7. TexGen.exe
  8. TexGenx64.exe


6. Go to Vortex --> mods --> double click on "DynDOLOD Standalone mod" --> take a look at the mod details pane. You need to change the Mod Type first.


7. Then, you can close the mod details pane --> install & enable the mod.


8. Now, you need to add the other files you had downloaded. You can do it by following the steps above. Select the "Install from file' button at the top menu bar and so on.

9. Add the "DynDOLOD Resources SE" --> Install & enable it.

NOTE : Vortex will show some issues. You need to set the rule to "Load Before".

10. Add DynDOLOD DLL SSE --> install & enable it.

11. Add DynDOLOD Scripts SSE --> install and enable.

NOTE : Vortex will show some issues. Fix it like the step above.

12. Add PapyrusUtil SE --> install & enable it.


13. Go to Vortex Dashboard --> Add Tool --> New.

14. On "Target field" navigate to your SkyrimSE game directory --> select the DynDOLODx64.exe

Example : E:\SteamLibrarryy\steamapss\common\Skyrim Special Editions\DynDOLODx64.exe.

15. In "Command Line", add '-sse' (It is very important or you will receive a fatal error on your DyDOLOD).

NOTE : If the Icon doesn't appear, go to SkyrimSE game directory --> select the DynDOLODx64.exe.


16. Run the "Skryrim SE" via SKSE and allow the "DynDOLOD" to calibrate itself.

17. Close the Skyrim SE --> back to Vortex --> go to Dashboard --> run the DynDOLOD skyrim SE.

That's it. Your DynDOLOD SSE should now load!

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