Does masturbation cause stomach pain : Causes and ways to relieve it

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Masturbation cause stomach pain - Chances are you're experiencing this abdominal pain due to laseration or trauma to the vaginal wall while masturbating. And when you stimulate the area without healing the wound properly, it can cause severe abdominal pain. 

In most women, masturbation is completely safe and is a natural way for women to satisfy themselves. Although using fingers to stimulate the clitoris has a smaller risk in the event of tears and tears in the vagina, a woman can still experience occasional abdominal pain.

Why masturbation cause stomach pain

I can understand your concern for your symptoms. Cramps, and pain during and after masturbation can be caused by :
  • Kidney stones, do you experience abdominal pain?
  • Urinary tract infections may be the cause. Do you experience increased burning or urination?
  • Epididimitis causes scrotum pain.
  • Diabetic neuropathy can cause such pain. Please confirm with a blood sugar test.
  • Inappropriate masturbation methods can also cause pain.
  • There are many others reason cause stomach pain exclude masturbation.
It's possible that your stomach pain wasn't caused by masturbation. There are many other factors that can cause abdominal pain.

What should you do to your stomach pain


The following steps can help :
  1. Avoid masturbating until the wound heals and only then restart the action.
  2. Keep fingernails short (so as not to cause injuries).
  3. Avoid using too much force when masturbating.
  4. Keep your hands clean.
  5. Maintain high level of cleanliness and maintain the cleanliness of the area.
If your condition continues or deteriorates visit an obstetrician as early as possible

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