4 Ways To Do Snapchat Video Without Holding Button On Android

 When you want to make snapchat videos on Android, you have to press the touchscreen button that appears on your smartphone screen. Of course it will be a little difficult to get a good video record. It will make you to continuously repeat this process. So, is there a way to record snapchat videos hands-free on Android?


On the screen in the snapchat app on android smartphones, there is a circular button that has two main functions. The first is to take a photo or selfie. And secondly to record a video with a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

Recording videos can be done using snapchat lenses or editing them with regular filters. So, what if you want to record your own video with a distance of 1 meter between you and your smartphone? Let's say the smartphone is put on the table and you pose with it.

This is where the trick of recording handsfree Snapchat videos will really help you.

4 Ways To Do Snapchat Video Without Holding Button On Android

1. How to Record Snapchat Videos Using a Tripod or Monopod.

  1. Take a tripod or monopod stick with Holder U (holder for smartphone).
  2. Open your Snapchat app and go to the camera.
  3. Pair your android Smartphone in Holder U with the position of the smartphone volume button pressed by the top of the holder.
  4. Happy recording!

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2. Record videos using Rubber Band.

  1. Find rubber bands, yep just do it.
  2. Next, wrap on the volume button on your Android phone, which will prompt the device to start recording.
  3. Make sure the rubber band does not wrap the lock button or blur your phone's camera.
  4. Open your Snapchat app.
  5. With the rubber band pressing the volume up button, your recording will start automatically.

3.Get great video records by your friends.

  1. Open the Snapchat app in Androd and then go to the camera.
  2. To create a selfie video without using the touch button, press the volume up or volume down  button. It is on the side of the smartphone. 
  3. Then ask your friend to press it until it appears recording on the screen display.
  4. You are ready to record your video.

4. Record videos easily with the latest version snapchat for android.

This is very easy. With the latest version of snapchat app you can record videos without hands. If you want to try it you can just watch this short video below.


How to record snapchat videos without holding button on your Android smartphone can be done by 3 ways above. That way, you won't have any trouble taking better videos. The other way is easier, by updating your version of Snapchat app with the latest version.

Download Snapchat latest version on google play Here

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