Inspiron 660s specs full review

Inspiron 660s comes in multiple variants starting from the base version with an intel core pentium processor priced at around rupees 21,000. It goes up to the third gen Intel Core i3 processor and finally the third gen Intel Core i5 processor. Each variant comes with a choice of a dedicated graphics card variant and an integrated graphics card variant. So, you can buy the one which best suits your needs. 


While purchasing the desktop you will get a variety of options you can modify your desktop width. You can change the bezel color and software's like secondary software Microsoft Word,etc. But, each upgrade or add-on will require you to pay extra money based on the add-on the variant.

The third gen Intel Core i5 version with a dedicated graphic card on board. This desktop comes with a third gen Intel Core i5 processor with 4 cores and 4 threads CPU clock speed or 2.7 GHz with turbo boost up to 3.2 GHz. In this article I will give you inspiron 660s specs may it can give you reference before you buy it.

Dell Inspiron 660s Specs

This product has standing screen display with 1 Inches, 1600 MHz memory Speed, Intel HD graphics Coprocessor, 6 ports number of USB 2.0 and 4 ports number of USB 3.0. Its operating System is Windows 8 and its Weight is about 16.02 pounds. It comes with Intel Processor, Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM. It has dimensions about 19.88 x 10.31 x 15.38 inches.

The desktop comes with an 18 inch widescreen monitor but can be upgraded to a 20 inch. The 20 inch Dell monitor with a resolution of 1600 to 900 it is an LED backlit display with the 5ms response time. DVI and VGA inputs at the front of the display. You will have five physical buttons, one for the power and the others for the display settings. At the back of this display you have a DVI port and a VGA port and a power input. Sadly it does not have a HDMI input at the front of the CPU. 

You have a power switch beside that is the hard drive indicator, then you have to close compartments. In the left compartment you have the 18:1 card reader, a headphone jack a microphone, jack and two USB 3.0 ports. The right compartment houses the DVD drive. 

And below the left compartment is where you have the button to eject the DVD drive. On the right side of the CPU you have an Inspiron logo with a vent. Finally at the back of the Sidon CPU you have your graphic card with its HDMI and DVI outputs. And you have two audio outputs and one audio input. 

Pros & Cons Of Inspiron 660s

We will take a look at the pros and cons of  the dell inspiron 660s. It is a redesign to the Inspiron 620 series with its smaller changes. The redesign 660 has comes in a variety of colors, but you will have to pay extra if you are going to choose any color other than the custom. 

Quality of the desktop is pretty good except for the fact that some parts on the CPU might feel a bit too plasticky. The cabinet however has a pretty neat and compact design and sits on your table very well. But, at the same time the internal hardware on this chases is too compact. Therefore may find it difficult getting in and replacing few parts. 


The motherboard on desktop lacks a few expansion slots. And you only have one graphic card in input and only one PCI card input. And you have only two Rams loss which is rather disappointing you to get an option to add a graphic card which is good. 

But, the graphic card provided with the Nvidia 620 GT is quite dated. It's a quite dated graphic card and though the graphic card does well with usual programs like Photoshop, AutoCAD, Sony Vegas and other graphic content software. It has perfect performance in editing video or pictures. But it is just not suitable for high-end gaming. As you might expect this desktop also comes pre-loaded with Windows 8 pro 64-bit and trust me the performance is very good.

Last Word For Inspiron 660s Specs

Overall the Dell Inspiron 660s has great specs. It is a great value for money and it's an excellent buy for average. And about above average users the pro the dough professionals may consider looking into the Alienware series or the XPS series. 

Finally I would like to say that this desktop is like I said earlier it's a great value for money. If you have around 50.000 in your pocket this is the best you can find out. If you want to get something, you know like a desktop this is really good because this desktop is very compact. Compared to your usual computer desktop chases this chases is really compact so you can fit it anywhere on your table. 

Where I can Get It ?

Well, you can buy it on amazon. You can just click the link below..

Dell Inspiron i660s-3848BK Desktop (2.9 GHz Intel Pentium processor G645, 4GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, Windows 8).

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