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Transfer files or images from Android to PC or vice versa is generally done with USB. Actually you can also do this using Es File Explorer : file transfer. You can use es file explorer for PC for the alternative. It can take files on your PC or transfer files on your Android easily via mobile hotspot.

The first is you will need a PC or Laptop with LAN (WiFi)  to connect to es file explorer on phone via hotspot.



Download Es File Explorer for PC

Well, we will provide a guide on how to use es file explorer to transfer files from PC to phone or phone to PC using Es File Explorer. Okay, here we go!

UPDATE : Maybe Es File Explorer has changed their UX. So, you'll see a different in your screen display if you use it in the latest Es File Explorer.

A. How to use es file explorer for PC to transfer files 

1. Enable your LAN connection (hotspot)

You can just drag down the status bar and then select a mobile hotspot. Make sure you get an active Hotspot LAN connection notification like the image below.

LAN to es file explorer before transfer files

2. Create a "Share Folder" on your PC

In order to copy paste from Android to pc easily using Es File Explorer, you need to create a share folder. You can follow this steps below.

Right click on the folder –> click Properties – > Select the Sharing Tab -> click Share.

es file explorer for pc

After that, select the user and make sure the Permission Level should be Read/Write and click Share.

es folder explorer

3. Make Es file explorer connected to PC

Click on the wifi network icon (it's in the lower right corner) until it appears wireless network connection is active then click Connect.

If it has not appeared press the refresh icon. Connect your PC to Mobile Hotspot (LAN).

Then, enter your Android Hotspot password and click OK. You will see the sign Connected.

es file explorer connected to pc

TIPS : If this way is too difficult, you can watch video tutorial How to use Es file explorer for PC.

4. Check IP addres on your PC

We will need the IP address of the PC to transfer files from pc to Android using Es File Explorer. the easiest way to check the computer's IP address is through a command prompt (CMD).

Click Start Menu –> in the Search box type cmd -> click Enter. 

connecting es file explorer to PC

Then, type “ipconfig” on command prompt and click ENTER. You will find like the pic down below.

es file explorer connect to pc  via cmd

NOTE : The IP address will change every time you connect to LAN (WiFi/hotspot/tethering connection).

5. Add and Configure LAN in Es File Explorer 

Open the Es File Explorer app on your Android -> select Menu -> Network -> LAN. 

Then Select New -> Add and Connect LAN in Es File Explorer File Transfer.

es file for pc

Fill the server with your computer's IP address. Fill username and password with your computer user and password. If successful, you will see the PC connected to ES File Explorer. Tap it and you will see a list of existing folders on Es folder explorer.

6. Transfer Files From Android to PC and PC to android

After following the 4 steps above, you can copy the folder to pc or to phone via Es File Explorer.

Select the folder to transfer -> select Copy -> choose the PC -> paste.

NOTE : Make sure you select the right pc folder location, see what starts with smb://

B. Conclusion for "Es file explorer for PC transfer file"

If you want use es file explorer for pc to Android? The way is the same as above. In Es File Explorer, you browse your computer folder first, then copy and paste it into your phone.

That's all the steps how to use es file explorer to transfer files between PC (Windows or Mac) and Android easily. Basically, es file explorer using the LAN connection to transfer the all kind of files. 

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