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Are you a computer science student and looking for internships right now? Do you have any problem because you don’t have experience? Well, Today i'm going to talk to you how to get a internship without any experience. Okay let’s get in touch!

12 Tips for computer science internships no experience

1. Appealing Looking Resume For Internships

Have an appealing looking resume. Don't have a bunch of stuff jacked up all over it and things like that. Recruiters have told me that when they're skimming through resumes, if it didn't look good they just skipped over.

I’m not saying all recruiters do that, but i've definitely heard this. So, make sure your resume is appealing have a nice font, isn't too big but isn't too small. Have nice spacing, make it very readable and appealing.

2. Put Your Work Experience Even Not Relevan With Computer Science


Put your work experience, even if it is not technical. Put the stuff that you've done when you were in high school or you worked at a fast food restaurant. Put your volunteer experience that you've done. 

You have no experience, but be able to talk about those skills. Talk about the soft skills you learn from those jobs. I had like three fast food restaurants on my resume. And i still got interviews and things like that when i was younger in college. 

But, i was able to talk about like I learned how to work in groups, i learned how to problem solve quickly and learn to fix technical things like when it came to the soda machines or fixing the registers and so on.

3. Put Your Class Project On Your Resume

Put all types of stuff like in your college classes for computer science or computer engineering. You're in class and you're doing coding assignments, so put those as projects that are on your resume. 

You have to be able to talk about those things. Because you have no experience, so talk about what you learned. Talk ‘bout how did you end up solving those problems and what did you gain from that. 

4. Be A Well Rounded Student

Most importantly, let your resume show that you're a well-rounded student. Don't be the student that just goes to school, have a high GPA, and don't do anything. Join organizations on campus and be in leadership roles or do volunteer experience. 

Those will help your resume look a little more like you're willing and open to learn.

5. Search Computer Science Intership On Google Jobs, LinkedIn, and Chegg


When you're actually applying for internships, right now is the perfect time to apply for internships. A lot of big companies honestly already started when the summer was around.

There's resources out there to help you find internships that you can apply. Apply the ones that you think you would be interested in. The ones you think you have a little bit of soft skills that are for the internship.

6. Apply Internships To As Many As You Can

There's a bunch out there right now, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be applying to like 20 or 30. I've honestly applied to like hundreds when i got my first internship. I didn't even remember applying because i applied to so many internships.

7. Research The Company Before Apply Internships


After you've applied to as many internships that you could apply to, it's time to master the interview part. Before your interview, you should be researching the actual company like. What do they stand for? What do they do? What technical projects have they done that you're really impressed with? 

8. Read Again The Job Description

Keep re-reading the job description where it talks about what you'll be doing. You can talk about your experience from the point of view of hitting the keywords that was on the job description.

9.Practice “The Tell Me About Yourself” Question

A lot of interviews that i've done and i've done a lot of interviews recruiters always ask me “So, tell me about yourself”. That's the question everyone is like “Oh my gosh” or like “ I don't, i don't really know what to say”

But, when you're doing it “Tell me about yourself question” don't say like “Hi, my name is maya, i'm from lullaby blab la bla”

I'm gonna actually talk about like i'm passionate, i am a computer science student with a minor in communications. I chose to do this because i want to be the branch between the people that understand technical things and the people who don't. 

That's why i chose communication because a lot of software engineers know how to do the code, but they don't know how to explain the code in a non-technical way which is very important.

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That's kind of my little spill how i start off with my “Tell me about yourself questions”. I go on to talk about my experiences. What i'm passionate, When it comes to computer science, how eager i am to learn more about computer science.

10. Have a “I’m Willing To Learn” Attitude


During your interview have the attitude of “i'm here to learn, i'm willing and eager to learn anything”. 

“I can not, i don't really know what i'm doing. I don't have any experience”.

No, don't have that attitude. 

You may have no experience, but you're wanting to get experience. And hopefully the recruiter will help you get the experience that you want.

11. Ask The Interviewer About Themselves

A big big thing that will make a recruiter remember you is at the end when they say,

“Do you have any questions for me?”.

Turn the interview on them. Ask them questions about themselves. A lot of recruiters are like blown away when i ask them what has made you stay at so-and-so company. 

Asking a question like what is your favorite part about working at so-and-so. So, they get kind of stuck because a lot of recruiters don't get asked questions about themselves. They'll look at me like “ Oh my gosh, they'll kind of have trouble giving me an answer”.

12. Be Patient! Recruitment take times


Another big thing with all of this is to just have patience. Sometimes, some jobs that you've applied for you won't hear back for months. For example, when i got my internship, i think i might have applied in November. I didn't hear back until february or I think i might have applied in October. And i didn't hear back until February. So, just being patient. You never know what happens.

Sometimes, recruiters will hire someone else. But, they decline to offer and then they have to go to someone else, you just never know. Don't rush yourself. Don't be picky about the pay if you have no experience.

Last word for computer internship without experience

If you are a student of computer science and do not have any experience, you do not have to worry. While you want to try you will surely find a way out. The 12 tips above can be solutions for you looking for internships. The thing you need to know is that you have to try a lot. Good luck!

Source : Youtube channel “maya Alexus”.

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