Barbie hello dreamhouse app | hello-dreamhouse.apk free download

Barbie's Dreamhouse goes high-tech. This Barbie size two-story home offers classic dollhouse play with a modern makeover. Both interior design wise and technologically as its Wi-Fi enabled. A hallway kitchen and living room make up the first floor. And a bathroom bedroom and office are on the second floor. 


Barbie hello dreamhouse Features

Features include lights, music, sounds. If I can do anything for you just say. So, motorized elevator a staircase that turns into a slide. A roaring fire in the fireplace and even a flushing toilet.

Parents will have to assemble the house and apply the stickers which we found pretty easy. You can do it in 20 minutes using the included instructions. Next you'll have to download the hello dream house companion app. It takes parents through the process for connecting hello dream house to a Wi-Fi network.

The prompts are pretty straightforward though parents who aren't entirely tech savvy may still get frustrated. Once it is Wi-Fi ready kids can play with voice commands and the app also allows for customization of sounds throughout the house. 

The included booklet lifts all kinds of voice commands, though apparently the house responds to over a hundred commands. We are super impressed by it works. Well, if you follow the instructions which are to begin all voice commands by saying hello dream house. Then, waiting for the beep and kids can tell the house to open the door. Many other command kids can do, like turn the lights on and even order a pizza or throw a party. Kids can do like this.


“Hello dream house let's order a pizza”

”Oh, do you want a pizza?”

“I want one”

“What kind of pizza do you want?”

“Pepperoni, please.”

“A pepperoni pizza is the best. Okay, I've put in your order. Your pizza will be here soon.”

This is all kind of amazing. If there's no Wi-Fi connection or kids simply want to engage in standard dollhouse play, that's possible too. The house can be controlled manually using 13 switches throughout the house to create interactive effects, like lights and sounds. 

No dolls are included. But, everything in the house was designed to play with alongside standard

sized Barbie dolls. Kids can engage in classic imaginative play, rearrange the included furniture and decorate with accessories. Also they can use their own Barbie dolls to create all kinds of scenarios. They may want to help Barbie get a bite to eat in the kitchen. Relax by the fire or get ready for a night out. Your pizza is here mmm that smells amazing. 

Barbie hello dreamhouse app 

Before open the barbie dream house you should read the first notebook. There, you will get more information about this toy. You can download it for free on mediafire at the link below.

Last word for barbie dreamhouse

This house offers so many possibilities for having fun with Barbie. It's truly a deluxe item with a price point to match. So, keep in mind that it does require a commitment from parents for the initial setup if parents are willing to help out. Most kids the recommended age of 6 and up will probably catch on pretty quickly. And can customize further themselves if they have access to the smart device. It's connected to for where to buy in current prices finest at ttpm.

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