Simplest Minecraft Tutorial Mansion New Players Must Follow

Everyone can do anything in Minecraft, including building a mansion. If you’re a new Minecraft player, a simple Minecraft tutorial mansion would help. In Minecraft’s Dark Forest, you will find huge Wooden Mansions. How can you find the mansion? Easy, trade something with the cartographer villagers in order to get the explorer maps of woodland.


The map would lead you to the big mansions you want to see. But you can not only see it. You’re also allowed to build mansion of you own that you can customize depends on your need. You absolutely need something to build and understand the way building it. Worry no more since we’re going to guide you how to build your very own mansion in the Minecraft game.

Gathering Materials to Build Minecraft Mansion

Before you start building the mansion, you better gather all the materials required first. You don’t want your project to wait while you gather the other materials. The numbers of these materials you’re about to see depend on mansion type you will build. Here are complete materials to prepare:

778 Quartz blocks

355 Quartz planks

448 Quartz slabs

292 grey concretes

99 stone blocks

151 glass panes, the black stained ones

82 leaves

16 flower pots

52 oak slabs

12 Quartz stairs

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Easy to Follow Minecraft Tutorial Mansion


Now since the entire materials are ready, you might start building the mansion. Here are some easy steps you could take to build a wonderful mansion in your Minecraft world:

1. Lay out your mansion’s walls. 

Use L shaped grey concrete with the size 4x7 for your mansion wall. Then place four pieces of concrete boxes diagonally to left, from L shape’s long side’s end. Create the mirrored section using the same grey concretes. With the concretes as foundation, place ten more blocks vertically to start building your mansion walls.

2. Building the floor

Now start building the floor between both walls in order to cover grass area. Use Quartz blocks. When flooring is done, build next floor by placing oak planks from fourth block on your walls. Then place one Quartz blocks layer over your oak planks in order to create one other floor.

3. Add the oak planks

Add the oak planks on top of floor in order to fill gaps between back and front portion. Start placing planks from left concrete wall. When you’re done with left side, continue doing three other columns.

4. Prepare glass panes

Prepare glass panes that are black stained, add them near the columns’ pair. Go around your mansion’s back then place oak walls as well as the glass panes.

5. Widen your mansion walls 

It is important to widen your mansion walls for back sides and front sides in order to fill gaps. When it is done, connect your mansion walls across mansion roof. After that, go create balcony around your mansion using quartz blocks. Always add the glass panes for your balcony railing. Then add doors for front side and back side of your new mansion.

6. Build your mansion roof

Next Minecraft tutorial mansion is building your mansion roof. This is a pretty simple step to do. All you need is just covering the top of your mansion with quartz slabs. When you’re done with roof, move to the stairs.

7. Build the staircase

Use the quartz blocks to build staircase on both sides of your mansion, but start from the left one. Go diagonally to your mansion’s back. Every stair must increase with a block when you move to the back part. When you reach the back side, move three blocks towards the left then create mirrored look of the stairs.

8. Create the steps

Add oak slabs in order to create steps. Start placing the oak slabs at the ground level then move up gradually with every row. Using the quartz slabs to extend back part of staircase will create longer walkway and more attractive look. Repeat the same steps in order to create staircase on your mansion’s right side. Make your stair looks prettier with red tulip decoration.

And that’s it. Your mansion is ready now.

Alternative Materials to Build Minecraft Mansion

The materials above aren’t the only things you can use to build huge mansion in the Minecraft. Cobble stone is also a great material to build your mansion foundation and walls. Then for the outside of your mansion, sandstone would be a nice path in front of your front door. Flowers on both sides of mansion’s front door would be a beautiful ornament.

When you’re done choosing the best materials for your mansion and successfully built it, it is time to get in the house and learn the indoor Minecraft tutorial mansion, so you’ll know how to decorate your mansion’s interior. Here are some ways to start building the interior of your huge mansion:

1. Building couches for living room


Living room needs couches. Build one by placing two stair blocks or more stair blocks close to one another. Make the couches look even longer by placing slabs right in front of your stairs. For fancier looking couch, use slabs that are surrounded by the wool blocks.

2. Building fridge in a kitchen


Dig down a block to place your fridge. Fill the hole with chest then place iron block over the chest. Iron door will be the door for your fridge. Complete the door with button or lever so you can open your iron door.

3. Building dresser for mansion’s bedroom


Dresser that holds personal belongings d clothes can be mimicked by piling two long shaped chests. To build the long chest you need to place two chests close to one another. This step is going to double your chest’ space as well as the chest’ length.

4. Building shower in bathroom


Use blocks or slabs to build the shower’s outlining edge. Leave your shower open. If you want closed in look, place glass panes to the shower. Place water block above the piston in your ceiling. then activate your piston in order to open your ceiling hole then let the water comes down.

Simple Minecraft tutorial mansion needs easy materials and won’t take forever to follow. Show your new mansion to your pals and let them learn how to build the great mansion from yours.

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